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Can it be good for my company?

ReadyLMS is the solution for managing corporate training in different types of sectors / organizations. These include, but are not limited to, the following areas: Education, Retailers, Manufacturing or Construction, Public Sector, Artistic and Entertainment, Mining Industry, Hotels, Non-Profit Organizations, Marketing and Advertising, Professional Studies, Finance and Accounting, Real Estate, Health Care and Wellness. In other words, in every sector a company know-how management is necessary, above all where a fast transmission of knowledge or where the turnover of personnel is sudden and frequent is fundamental.

Can I use my domain to access the platform?

Absolutely yes! We can link your domain to your ReadyLMS installation.

Can I sell my courses?

Yes. ReadyLMS generates a unique registration link for each course, and this can be linked to a payment method (eg PayPal) through your company website.

Can I customize a theme to make it relevant to our company?

Yes, you can graphically customize ReadyLMS to make it beautiful, attractive and in line with your style.

Can I use ReadyLMS from any device?

ReadyLMS is responsive and works great on all mobile devices. It is sufficient to have a PC, Mac, Android or iOS, connected to the internet.

What can ReadyLMS be useful for?

It can be useful for many activities, such as:

  • Creazione e gestione di Corsi e Moduli;

  • Creation and management of courses and modules;

  • Classroom Sessions Management or Virtual Classes;

  • Creation and management of tests and surveys;

  • Discussions and debates, through Forums, Chatrooms and Blogs;

  • Sharing of media files in the Repository;

  • Allow your users to collaborate by dividing them into Groups;

  • Creation and management of targeted training paths;

  • … and more.

Is ReadyLMS secure?

Yes, because all data is transmitted via a secure connection, and each installation is protected by the username and password of each individual user. It is also possible to add an additional security layer by restricting connections to specific IP addresses. ReadyLMS is based on ILIAS, an open-source platform also used by multiple government and military agencies around the world.

Can I issue certificates for courses completed by users?

Yes. ReadyLMS can issue a certificate for each course. Each user who completes the course will receive his certificate.

If I break something on my ReadyLMS installation, what happens? Can we restore it?

Every ReadyLMS installation is backed up every 24 hours, so any type of disaster can be recovered from the last automatic backup.

Do I need a server to use ReadyLMS?

No, ReadyLMS is hosted on our servers so you can dedicate yourself to eLearning only without having to worry about IT issues.

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