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ReadyLMS is the hosting and software package that allows you with a click and a monthly subscription to automatically install ILIAS LMS in a graphically customizable version.

ILIAS is a performing platform, extremely flexible in use, intended for online learning and work.

The ILIAS system can be used as a platform for training, to share knowledge and to cooperate.

All the power of the LMS ILIAS suite

ILIAS LMS as center of each Ready LMS plan
for online learning and work

Effective configuration

The training tools and courses are simple and customizable

Easy of use

ILIAS provides a wide range of standardized learning functions and processes allowing easy use by all users.

Total Compatibilty

ILIAS is perfectly in line with the standards of online training (SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004)

Customizable desktop

The platform offers a customization available for all users

Access rights management system

ILIAS allows a precise attribution of access to different functions and contents

Authoring tools (Editing)

which integrated into the ILIAS platform allow the proactive creation of content (learning modules, Wiki or Glossary)

System of Surveys, Test and Performing Certification

ILIAS has the main advantage of allowing online control of the student’s learning and of offering the possibility of assessment tests.

Multilanguage LMS

ILIAS is already configured to be used in 28 different languages

Import / Export Contents

you can import and export all multimedia contents.

What are your needs?

ILIAS has been a powerful learning management system since 1998 that meets all the requirements: large and small businesses, universities, schools and government agencies use integrated tools to implement learning scenarios. Find out from the list of features which features are needed for your project!


  • authentication: CAS, LDAP, SOAP, OpenID and Shibboleth
  • copyright management (Creative Commons)
  • flexible adaptation to graphic design through templates
  • third party software management
  • activation of language management systems
  • payment function for the marketing and billing of content
  • management of different customers
  • wizard for new installation and updates
  • configuration of services and modules
  • general and local roles (unlimited)
  • role models for easy reuse of attribution of rights
  • interfaces for connection to software and external functions
  • SOAP / Web Service interfaces
  • automatic registration, password generation and confirmation email
  • individual security and data protection regulation


Communicating internally to ILIAS is possible through a sophisticated chat system, discussion forum, e-mail and virtual classes.

  • alert function for discussion in a chat
  • personal internet page
  • chat with moderation features
  • discussion forum (moderation function, attachments, notification of the existence of new contributions, export)
  • integrated e-mail system (attachments, sending e-mails to external addresses, e-mail)
  • RSS / ATOM notification function
  • interfaces to “virtual classes” (iLinc)


The personalization of ILIAS LMS Open Source concerns multiple aspects of the training path from personal desktop to languages and many others:

  • personal desktop with different objectives
  • individual report of learning progress – personal agenda
  • personal profile management
  • use of the multilingual function (28 languages currently)
  • personal and public notes
  • “online user” function
  • portfolio and blogs
  • skills management


From workgroups to password protection, from customized agendas for user groups to areas to share and process files together:

  • creation and management of an unlimited number of work groups
  • limited time membership and password protection
  • maximum number of participants and waiting lists
  • resource management
  • area for cooperative file processing (including antivirus software)
  • path and history of files
  • agenda for groups
  • mail for groups and public notes


  • section to present events
  • controlled authorization for the duration of the learning activities
  • making content oriented towards learning objectives available
  • monitoring of the level of use of training
  • individual learning planning in the form of a course
  • management of exercises with a limited duration of execution
  • “comment / appreciation” function for participants in the exercises
  • course agenda
  • management of course participants
  • registration procedures (limitation of the number of participants)
  • function of “cours-courriel” and list of participants


ILIAS LMS includes a powerful internal authoring system for the management of all multimedia contents:

  • access to all types of content (courses, groups, learning modules, wikis, glossaries, podcasts and more)
  • complete recording of metadata
  • management of access to content through a system of rights based on pre-established roles and conditions
  • import interfaces for SCORM and AICC, HTML and XML forms, ILIAS (WLM) and other formats – internal search engine
  • recording of search results
  • the process of creating multimedia content
  • integrated authors for learning modules
  • selection of presentation models for learning modules
  • style sheet generation
  • integrated wiki
  • link between glossary terms and texts
  • glossary with publication of links to learning modules


ILIAS LMS contains several functions to carry out surveys and questions to its users:

  • named or anonymous surveys
  • different types of questions: nominative, ordinary, table to be crossed, open questions
  • question games to generate themes
  • results and online data processing
  • CSV and Excel export of survey results


ILIAS provides different ways to test and evaluate the users enrolled in the courses and allows the publication of certificates of attendance:

  • type of questions: simple. QCM, texts to be completed, attribution and positioning exercises with “copy and paste” function, questions on active areas of the image, free text questions, Flash and Java applications
  • interfaces for extension module for new question types
  • question management (centralized question game)
  • QTI interface for shooting external questions
  • numerous options: number of steps, duration, rating scale
  • differentiated evaluation of results (export included)
  • Certificates function
  • control of learning progress


ILIAS LMS allows the creation of Wiki, that is a collection of hypertext documents that is updated by its users and whose contents are developed in collaboration by all those who have access to it.

ILIAS ‘Wiki function allows its users to add, edit or delete content.


“Since we chose to adopt the ILIAS platform in 2004, our company has experienced many advantages, the main ones being the saving of time and money and being able to guarantee a very high and effective preparation for our staff of operators and collaborators. At ILIAS we particularly appreciate the reliability and suitability and flexibility of the system to adapt to all the needs and objectives of SACMI. “

Alberto Bianchi, Sacmi Imola

“The French Navy advertised, in 2009, on the internal Intranet, a training portal -E-Form- which aims to encourage access to technical training content for all operating units and also for the” marines “during the training period. This training portal was developed through the use of the ILIAS platform and offers 3 main functions aimed at 48,000 civilian and military employees: distance learning, mixed training (blended learning), information on the Navy training program. “

CHRISTOPH PIEDIMONTE, Training Manager, Franceseavid Cole Navy, Monarch

“The ILIAS platform has always been the prerequisite and essential tool for the design and implementation of the projects of our students of the” Mechanical drawing “and” Standardization “courses. In addition, the contents of our ILIAS platform are used by future builders, mechanics and engineers from over a dozen High School Institutes in Germany and abroad. “



WILFRED HESSER, Professore, Helmut Schmidt University of Hamburg

“Within a few years, at the University of Bern, the ILIAS platform has established itself considerably, managing to reach the first place among its competitors. Often ILIAS courses are combined, for example, with a conference or lessons with the aim of optimizing work time (time spent in activity) during courses with compulsory attendance in the classroom.

Outside the course structure, the individual services that ILIAS offers are increasingly used as IT tools within the world of training and research. “

ARMIN HOLLENSTEIN, Co-director, University of Bern

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