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ILIAS LMS finally Automatic, Fast, Customizable with a click.


There are already so many Leader companies that have chosen ILIAS LMS.
Join them with ReadyLMS, the quick and easy solution.


ILIAS is an OPEN SOURCE LMS for online learning and knowledge management.

Secure: Made in Germany, it is most secure LMS in the world.
Structured: your Academy is going to be organized with a powerful document database.
Open Source: the ethics and transparency of a software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
Responsive Design: ILIAS LMS has a responsive design for a correct visualization from every device.



Do you want to train your team, your clients, your dealers in a simple, immediate and continuous way?

Do you want to train your team, your customers or students in a simple way? Do you need to distribute certifications to your students and do you want an effective way to personalize the certificates?

Start using ReadyLMS powered by ILIAS and create your online academy in no time. Take a look at all our features and ask for an online demo.

Quick Installation

ReadyLMS has been designed and built to provide the best and innovative ILIAS LMS performace.

Internal Chat

Internal chat that allows you to communicate in real time with other users, with tutors and with system administrators.

Video Plugin

ILIAS has a powerful built-in video editor that allows you to create highly actual and performing interactive videos for a constantly updated training proposal.

Online with 1 Click

You don’t have to worry about anything: just 5 minutes of clock time and your Academy will be online with a click thanks to the ReadyLMS package.


Finally you can graphically customize ILIAS in an easy way: logo, header, footer …

Virtual Whiteboard

Etherpad processing suite that allows you to work with a shared virtual whiteboard with the whole workgroup in real time.

Massive Upload

Automatically upload all your media files!

Back-up with 1 Click

The ReadyLMS service allows you to have automatic backups to keep your work and your time safe!

Automatic Upgrade

We care about the IT stuff. Automatic and timely updates of your installation to the latest version of ILIAS LMS are set by default.

We are ILIAS Premium Partner always and forever

OC Open Consulting, the company that created ReadyLMS is a ILIAS premium partner for Italy from the beginning.

We made the first video Academy of Italy and we were Team Leader in projects of prestigious companies such as Sacmi, BLM, RAI, Douglas, leading automotive companies and many others …

Of ILIAS we particularly appreciate the reliability and the suitability and flexibility of the system to adapt to all the needs and objectives of SACMI”

“Since we chose to adopt the ILIAS platform in 2004, our company has found many advantages, the main ones are saving time and money and being able to guarantee a very high and effective preparation to our staff of operators and collaborators”.

Alberto Bianchi, Training Manager Sacmi


Can it work for my company?

ReadyLMS is the solution for managing corporate training in different types of sectors / organizations.
These include, but are not limited to, the following areas:
Manufacturing or Construction sector,
Public Sector ,
Artistic and Entertainment,
Mining industry,
Non Profit organizations,
Marketing and Advertising,
Professional offices,
Finance and Accounting,
Real Estate Sector,
Health Care and Wellness.
In other words, ReadyLMS is the ideal solution in sectors where management of company know-how becomes necessary, especially where a rapid transmission of knowledge or where staff turnover is sudden and frequent is essential.

Can I use my domain to access the platform?

Absolutely yes! We can link your domain to your ReadyLMS installation.

Can I sell my courses?

Yes. ReadyLMS generates a unique registration link for each course, and this can be linked to a payment method (eg PayPal) through your company website.

Can I customize a theme to make it relevant to our company?

Yes, you can graphically customize ReadyLMS to make it beautiful, attractive and in line with your style.

Can I use ReadyLMS from any device?

ReadyLMS is responsive and works great on any device.

You can run ReadyLMS on any PC, Mac, Android or iOS, connected to the internet.

What can ReadyLMS be useful for?

It can be useful for many activities, such as:

  • Creation and management of Training Courses and Modules;
  • Classroom Sessions Management or Virtual Classrooms;
  • Creation and management of tests and surveys;
  • Discussions and debates, through Forums, Chatrooms and Blogs;
  • Sharing of media files in the Repository;
  • Allow your users to collaborate by dividing them into Groups;
  • Creation and management of targeted training paths;
  • … and more.

Is ReadyLMS secure?

Yes, because all data is transmitted via a secure connection, and each installation is protected by the username and password of each individual user.utente.

It is also possible to add an additional security layer by restricting connections to specific IP addresses.

ReadyLMS is based on ILIAS, an open-source platform also used by multiple government and military agencies in the world.

Can I issue certificates for courses completed by users?

Yes. ReadyLMS can issue a certificate for each course. Each user who completes the course will receive the related certificate.

If I break something on my ReadyLMS installation, what happens? Can we use shelters?

A backup is performed every 24 hours on every ReadyLMS installation, so any type of disaster can be recovered from the last automatic save.

Do I need a server to use ReadyLMS?

No, ReadyLMS is hosted on our servers so that you can only dedicate yourself to eLearning without having to worry about IT issues.

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